Dogs Do Dance

Kamrita Let It Be

DOB 05.05.2014

Introducing Spice, who is a beautiful, exquisite brown rosette spot bengal.  I have wanted a Bengal for ages and ages but the time has never really been right.  I had just lost Cas and I saw some kittens on the tv which re-ignited my passion for them!  Mark agreed a little quicker than I expected and didnít take any persuading, I think he wanted to cheer me up - kittens do make you laugh.  So after years of wanting I have finally got, good things come to those who wait!

I canít stop looking at her, she is just so beautiful, her markings are so clear.  She has really settled in now and has become a massive part of our family, she is such a crazy little thing.  They say bengals are naughty, but she isn't, she is just really playful.  Clee gets on with her really well now and they play together nicely - it is nice to see him enjoying himself and being playful again.  She has done her first 'job' for a pet food company, it was just stills work.  She was fab, considering it was her first outing it didn't phase her and she did everything that was asked of her.  I can't wait to see the outcome as they were really impressed with her on camera and used her quite a lot.