Dogs Do Dance


KC - Ferrous a Touch of Danger

UKA - Disco Danger

Tricolour Border Collie

D.O.B - 21/03/2014

Sire: Canen Llechen At Ferrous
Dam: Locheil Made It

This is Sweep, my first posh collie!!  He is a nice balance of show and working lines, his mum being a locheil and his dad a canen.  We weren’t really looking for a pup at the time but when we saw that the people who had booked him had fallen through, we couldn’t resist.  Have always said when I get my next collie it will be a mix of working and show as with having Macy now I don’t want anything really really worky like Cas was.

He is turning out to be a fab little dog, he is full of drive when you want him to work, yet at home he just chills out on his bed.  He is a quick little learner and has also done his first 'job' which was just some still shots for a dog food company.  He stands about 19" so I think will measure standard, petite boy but very good structure and a lovely square shape.


July - He is 4 months old and has completed his KC Puppy Foundation Course and is clicker trained.  He has a lovely attitude and picks up things very quickly.  We have taken him to agility shows and we went to The Pet Show, he has taken everything in his stride and loves all the attention. 


September - Sweep attended Laura Chudleigh's puppy camp at 6 month, it's the first time he has really done any formal foundation stuff and I learnt a lot about what I need to do with him as I haven't done a lot.  It was a really good weekend and Sweep had great fun. 


January - So Sweep is 10 months now, he has been doing his foundation agility classes once or twice a week and has also done a couple of training mornings with Dave Munnings at The Dog Barn - these I love and we learn so much and it is great to see the progress from one month to the next. 

Sweep's CV

Available for Media work, his CV is as follows:

  • Has reliable stays and will work in strange environments.
  • Basics
    • Attention
    • Down stay
    • Recall
    • Retrieve
    • Roll Over
    • Settle
    • Sit stay
    • Stand stay
    • Twist Left
    • Twist Right
    • Touch (one paw) Tap (other paw)
    • Walk to heel
    • Weave through legs
    • Wrap
  • Tricks
    • Skateboard