Dogs Do Dance

Media Experience


Clee, Spice & Sweep photographed for ?? (not allowed to tell you!)


Clee photographed for Purina


Clee photographed for the PDSA


Dizzy featured on Dentastix advert for Pedigree


Ember & I trained Jeremy Edwards for Supadog

Ember featured dancing in an advert for an Italian bank

Dizzy photographed for a Citroen advert


Dogs attended a photo shoot for Mary Ann's new book

Dogs & I were filmed for a documentary on ITV

Rum & Cas filmed for CBBC's Amazing Animals

Diz featured on the new Dogs Trust advert

Cas featured on Goldfrapp's 'Happiness' Video


Rum starred on That Antony Cotton Show

Dizzy & Ember attended a photoshoot for the PDSA

Dizzy attended a photoshoot for Co-Op financial services

Cas, Diz & Rum featured on a TV show in Japan featuring amazing animals

Dizzy featured in a short film for film festivals

Dizzy featured on CBBC - Extreme Animals.

Cas featured on 'Britain's Got Talent'

Kali cat featured on BBC1 children's drama - 'Angellica: Time Travel'

Kali cat & Dizzy dog featured on Nicktoons advert

Cas featured on 'Homemade'


Dizzy & Kali cat were filmed for Nickelodeon.

Cas was filmed for 'It's Me or the Dog' performing canine freestyle.

Rum attended a photo shoot for Dogs Today at 10 weeks old

Cas & I were featured on 'Richard Hammond's 5 O'Clock Show' performing some Canine Freestyle


Dizzy & Ember were used at a photoshoot for 'Stronghold'

Cascade was featured on 'Midlands Today' & 'Central News' performing some tricks

Cascade & Ember attended a photo shoot at 'Dogs Today' & were featured on the front cover

Dizzy was featured in a 'Pedigree' stills advert

Dizzy was the main dog in the summer 'Dogs Trust Sponsor a Dog Advert'


Dizzy was featured on 'BBC 1's Test Your Pet' performing tricks

Cascade was featured on 'Midlands Today' & 'Central News' performing some tricks


Dizzy was featured on 'Today With Des & Mel' performing her tricks


Dizzy attended a photo shoot for 'Dogs Today'